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A story in Lincolnville

Posted by Curt Franklin on 30 April, 2008

We started out with a story in mind…a story of empowerment and the African-American church. We hadn’t been in Lincolnville very long, though, before we knew that another, much stronger story was there. This story was about a historic community undergoing historic change, experience through the eyes of a young man with a strong sense of history and a stronger love for his community and the people who live there.


Donte speaks of families and businesses, children and churches in this story of the Lincolnville Blues. He’s joined by other voices from those who have seen the community as their historic home, and those who see it as a new place to live.

There are many more stories to tell of Lincolnville and those who call it home — and we look forward to hearing and sharing those stories.


2 Responses to “A story in Lincolnville”

  1. Now, acting as an editor, I have a question: Why didn’t you two know this when you wrote your pitch? 😀

  2. The shortest answer is that we got on-site and heard a different story than we’d heard in our planning interviews. It’s not that what we heard on the ground in Lincolnville contradicted anything we’d heard before, but we were suddenly presented with a passion about a place that was obvious when we were all in that place.

    We discussed continuing with our original idea, and we plan to go back and tell more stories that include our original idea. I think we both felt, though, that we would regret not going with the story that presented itself that day, and that is represented in our submitted video. The fact is that Lincolnville is both a rich, unique community, and a community that represents what is happening in a lot of places around the U.S. We’ll be heading back soon to talk to more people and find more stories.

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